Below are the performers of HarperFest 2021. This page will be updated with future acts for HarperFest Events.

Sparky's Garden

A folk duet featuring original songs along with songs we all love with an emphasis on harmonies. Classic rock, folk, bluegrass, and old country tunes.

Alma Quartet

Lubbock’s premier Jazz Band with a style of music commonly attributed to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, as well as an eclectic blend of original music.

Mike's Project

Just a guy making it in the world of music!!

Dave Martinez

1984 model, Songwriter, Traveler, Wanderer, Father, Husband, Friend, Amatuer adult, Councilman

Stand-Up Comedy-Laugh Hub City

Local comedy brought to you by some of the best comedians from the Hub!

Jalenn Earle & Colby Reeves

A killer duo playing your favorites!

Danny Cadra

Danny goes against the grain of the pop/rock oriented music that has crowded the airwaves of mainstream country radio for almost two decades.

Renegades of Folk

A jam band collective here to folk shit up.

Holly Harper

Holly provides musical acoustic stylings of a wide spectrum of music, ranging from old country to today’s hip-hop and R&B.

The Shane Rogers Band

Alt-country rock/Red Dirt/Americana

Local Nobodys

Eclectic mash up of some of the latest Pop and Rock to the smooth Classic Country and Red Dirt music.


SPiVEY brings sounds from folk, electronic washes, lonely cowboy songs, psychedelic rock, dirt roads and big drum beats into a lush soundscape that defies the one man show.